How Much SEO Money have YOU Thrown Away?

Let me start by saying  we have done very, very well in revenue and profile over the years, employing a full time staff of as many as eleven people over the past decade.  We did this NOT through selling web sites or doing other people’s search engine optimization.


We Created Our Own Sites and Made Them Successful – Even Today, We Still Do

We know the web and have made a great living off of creating web sites for our own businesses and making them enormously profitable.  All of this we can document should we ever have to. We could actually send a web link to anyone that doubts it that would likely prove it with a simple Google search.

Simple SEO is Not the Answer – Let’s talk about SEO:

Owning enormously profitable web sites in an very profitable business tends to bring out the dogs.  The dogs of the web business are those that are involved in “SEO” or search engine optimization.